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Fossil fuel and billionaire Bloomberg enriched Sierra Club joins WWF and UK WWF’s multi-millionaire parasite Prince Charles saying you must be poor to save the planet while they get richer from global warming profiteering

January 27, 2013

Prince Charles in his Aston Martin says you should be poor and uses the power of the UK monarchy and the EU to force Americans into submission. Prince Charles’ entire financial survival depends on the world believing in global warming. WWF began as an imperial operation and remains so. Charles’ father Prince Phillip was WWF UK’s first president and is now president emeritus.

Sierra Club Exec. Dir., Michael Brune, backed by $50 million from billionaire Bloomberg says the US must “leave at least two-thirds of the known fossil fuel reserves in the ground.” What Brune does is another matter.


photo above from, “WWF Calls For Global Poverty To Save The Planet

5/16/13, “Only global poverty can save the planet, insists WWF – and the ESA!” UK Register, Lewis Page

Windfarms for all, but without using steel or concrete.”

Extremist green campaigning group WWF – endorsed by no less a body than the European Space Agency has stated that economic growth should be abandoned, that citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty and that all the human race’s energy should be produced as renewable electricity within 38 years from now.

Most astonishingly of all, the green hardliners demand that the enormous numbers of wind farms, tidal barriers and solar powerplants required under their plans should somehow be built while at the same time severely rationing supplies of concrete, steel, copper and glass.“…


9/8/2011, “Prince of Wales becomes president of WWF-UK,” UK Guardian

In a speech at St James’s Palace to mark his new role with the WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund) UK arm, the prince suggested that a new “cause celebre”, like the WWF’s famous fight to safeguard the panda, was needed to highlight the predicament the world was facing.

Charles said the receding Arctic sea ice cap might be the issue that prompts the world to think about what people are doing to the planet. Speaking to WWF-UK staff and other environmentalists the prince said that what was needed was “robust leadership into the future”.

He added: “For history will not judge us by how much economic growth we achieve in the immediate years ahead,

nor by how much we expand material consumption,

but by the legacy we leave for our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren….

There is an urgent need for all of us to concentrate our efforts on sustaining, nurturing and protecting the earth’s natural capital and, moreover,

reshaping our economic systems

so that nature sits at the very heart of our thinking.

This is the mission of WWF-UK, and it is my mission as well.”

The heir to the throne’s green credentials are well known as he has campaigned on a range of environmental issues for many decades focusing on concerns such as protecting the world’s rainforests and promoting sustainability.

Charles also countered the “criticism” he has faced over the years saying he put up with it as the issues were so important, adding “none of us must be afraid to stand up and be counted”.

The royal takes over the presidency from his cousin, Princess Alexandra, the Honourable Lady Ogilvy, and also follows in the footsteps of his father, the Duke of Edinburgh,

who was the first president of WWF-UK and now holds the position of president emeritus of WWF.”


12/31/10, “One’s in the money! Why Prince Charles’s secret 20-year campaign could make him the richest king in history,” UK Daily Mail, G. Levy

10/24/10, “Queen’s £38m a year windfarm windfall,” This is money, by Martin Delgado and Christopher Leake

“Experts predict the growth in offshore windfarms could be worth up to £250m a year to the Crown Estate….’It is wholly inappropriate that the Palace should have such a direct interest in a subject like windfarms, given Prince Charles’s obsession with renewable energy. It raises the question as to

each time he makes a favourable reference to wind power.’”


”Mutual benefit: Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed al-Nahayan has been friends with Prince Andrew since childhood.”

10/31/2010, “Andrew’s friend the Abu Dhabi princeand the £3billion windfarm off Britain that could earn the Queen millions,” UK Daily Mail, Ian Gallagher and George Arbuthnott


Above Prince Charles speaking in Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, 5/4/11, ap

Above, Prince Charles with Obama in Oval Office, 5/4/11, ap


King Juan Carlos had been WWF honorary president since 1968. Seen below slaughtering an elephant in 2006. But the royals and WWF are better than you.

WWF member King Juan Carlos of Spain with dead elephant on Rann Safari, 2006

4/14/12, “King of Spain Gets It Bad for Hunting Elephants,Elephant Journal

7/21/12, “King Juan Carlos of Spain ousted from WWF presidency after row over hunting trip,” UK Telegraph

“”Although this type of hunting is legal and regulated, it has been deemed incompatible by many members with the honorary presidency of an international organisation that defends wildlife and the environment like WWF,” WWF Spain said in a statement.


Ed. note: We in the US fought a war in 1776 to be rid of the tyranny of British monarchs. All that’s been forgotten. Today we’re eager to sacrifice ourselves to slob monarchs and billionaires because it makes us feel good, smarter, better.

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