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Today’s Western media have never stopped working to destroy the societies they claim to serve. The old capitals of Paris, Berlin, and London still spread political plague of Marxist totalitarianism-James Lewis, American Thinker, 6/11/2012

November 22, 2018

6/11/2012, “The Most Pathogenic Media in History,” James Lewis, American Thinker

“For the fourth time since 1900, the West is trying to commit suicide. This time it’s not training battalions of goose-stepping young men to put their bodies in the cold and soggy trenches of Germany, France, and Russia, as in World Wars I and II.  But just like the Cold War, in which Soviet imperialism almost conquered the West, the old capitals of Paris, Berlin, and London are still spreading the political plague of Marxist totalitarianism, totally heedless of the historic catastrophes it brought to Russia, China, and all the rest.  In a purely intellectual way, this fact is so idiotic, so self-destructive that no sane person expected it after the clean defeat of Soviet and Chinese communism twenty years ago [the latter of which has since announced its return].  It is objectively insane.

And yet, today’s Western media have never stopped working to destroy the very societies they claim to serve. We have the most pathogenic media in history — they create social divisions, ethnic hostilities, massive deliberate misunderstandings of the real causes of economic despair, and political “solutions” from the very people who created those problems in the first place. Our media are the worst plague virus in history because they spread falsehoods and block the truth. No society can solve problems if the media lie as a daily habit. Perverse and dysfunctional media can destroy working societies — Joseph Goebbels’ handiwork being a prime example.

Today’s euro crisis in Greece and the other dysfunctional Eurocolonies is a direct and predictable result of what Tony Blair called “Third Way Socialismwhich turns out to be crony capitalism wearing a Groucho mustache. Tony Blair himself is now one of the chief Cronies. Blairite Socialism rejected Soviet Marxism and American capitalism equally; but capitalism is productive and Soviet socialism never was, so Third Way Socialism turns out to be parasitical on free market inventiveness and hard work. When all is said and done, Blairism becomes a kind of Brezhnev style of a corrupt, unaccountable ruling class. That’s why George Soros and his ilk love crony capitalism; it puts them in the driver’s seat.

Eurosocialism today copies Barney Frank’s compulsory sale of empty mortgages to American banks, under threat of direct action by ACORN and other gangsters, backed by media blackmail and an endless supply of inflated money from the Fed. Empty mortgages are toxic because they are lies, and everybody knows it. They are monopoly money, and there will always be a reckoning.  So the banks that are forced to buy them put them in gaudy Xmas wrapping, and everybody passes that hot potato to the next sucker, hoping that they won’t be the last one holding it when the bubble finally pops.  After a completely predictable market crash, the socialist media start blaming capitalism again, millions of suckers believe it again, and Barney Frank and Chris Dodd pass another law forcing the banks to do the same thing again.  It’s systematic piracy, and you — yes, you, reading these words — are left holding the bag.  If you’re buying smaller meat packages today at the supermarket for a higher price, that’s just one installment on the massive fraud by Barney and Chris during the Carter and Clinton years.  Your retirement savings are another installment.  If Obama has his way, your crumbling health care will be a third down payment on Florida swampland.

Europe tried to violate the laws of economics by imposing a single high-value currency on the advanced and hardworking peoples of northern Europe, and then paying the lazy, corrupt, and self-indulgent masses of the south to use really expensive money that priced their goods and services out of the market Worker by worker, Greece isn’t very productive compared to Estonia.  The Greeks have “a different value system,” to quote the monocult of multicult.  They’d rather go fishing.  And who can blame them?  When the European political class decided to shower gold on the southern rim via the eurozone, the Greeks took their long vacations, their welfare payments, and even their coerced immigrants from Albania and the Muslim world.  They went on a glorious toot because they knew perfectly well that it wasn’t going to last.  Misgovernment is all they’ve ever known, after all, and tax-dodging, smuggling, over-regulation and political backscratching have been perfected ever since the Romans.  The EU’s boastful  misgovernment was treated with the contempt it deserved.  The Greeks knew that it was a scam, but they were happy to be paid off as long as it lasted.  It was Barney Frank again, but now with a continental touch.

Europe still wants to run the world, because self-glorification has been its only mode since Julius Caesar.  But today Europe insists that Uncle Sam do most of the fighting, as in Afghanistan and the coming Iranian nuclear bomb.  Europe has never lost the faith that it should run the world, and it is trying to do it via the United Nations, which is just the EU writ large.

Europe still loves Obama [as of June 2012], whose entire life has been steeped in socialism.  Obama is totally incapable of thinking outside of that box.  OK — so he’s not the messiah the Norwegians celebrated four years ago.  No matter.  Obama shares their basic beliefs, which is what matters.  Obama was soaked in ideology under the name of “anti-colonialism,” “black nationalism,” and “Liberation Theology,” but as Pope Benedict pointed out some years ago, it’s just that smelly old Marxist orthodoxy again.

We are therefore seeing the second Cold War, the second war of Marxist conquest, but now by “peaceful means” of mass indoctrination, penetration of the Organs of  Propaganda (including the schools), ideological subversion, and most of all the destruction of the moral foundations of the West.  Today’s radical left applauds radical Muslims riding that scruffy old camel straight from 7th-century Arabia.  But it’s really the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1938 giving the world an encore performance.  “Les extrèmes se touchent,” as the French said in 1938, and it still works, because Islam and the left have a common enemy.

That would be you and me.

It is the real West — the West that invented the computer, biotechnology, and the United States Constitution, along with free porn on the web — that is their common enemy.  Simply by being ourselves we keep Ahmadinejad in a passionate embrace with Barack Hussein Obama, who is the spiritual son of Malcolm X and Saul Alinsky.

The Tea Party is middle-class America.  The Occupy mobs are the black-clad anarchists of the European left, going back to 1848.  [Sounds like Antifa as well]. The Tea Party is American.  The Occupishers are Eurosocialist parasites.  That “99% slogan” is just Hitler’s slogan of “100%” — Ein Volk, Ein Fuehrer, Ein Deutschland.  Ninety-nine percent is another synonym for everything — totalitarianism.  Anybody who disagrees with the phony mobs is just that 1%, and you know what you can do when the poopers take over.

That’s why the Occumobs are taught to hate capitalism, a word they can’t define, much less understand — because they are after all the products of our dysfunctional schools.  The Occupoops are intellectual Androids.  They have iPhones instead of brains, a free gift from Mom and Dad — who have all their retirement money in the markets, so that capitalism pays for its own parasites, just as with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

The second Cold War is here on your computer today, not as as some backdoor Chinese virus, but as wall-to-wall agitprop by the liberal media [which we now know to be government media, government’s indispensable partner].  As CBS’s Les Moonves confessed the other day, “ultimately journalism has changed … partisanship is very much a part of journalism now.”

Yes, we get that, Les.  You and your Big Corp are professional liars and truth twisters, and you get paid gazillions by the huddled masses who are no longer yearning to breathe free.  Moonves runs the CBS operation, including the “News” Division, more properly called the CBS Agitprop Division for the Propagation of Liberalism. Truth in labeling would kill CBS News.

Our ancestors came to these shores to be free from oppression, and all their great-grandchildren got was CBS, NBC, and brains embalmed in high-fructose corn syrup.

The media are the nervous system of our society.  They are the means of communication and control, including control of your mind and those of your children.  And just as the brain can get sick, so the media can, too.  It’s not hard to spot.  We all feel it in our guts whenever we hear our country slammed again by that 24/7 android monster in a compulsive, obsessive, unstoppable way.  Just ask your neighbors to name three good things about this country, and watch them flounder.  It’s the same thing with seriously depressed people: ask them to say three good things about themselves, and they can’t think of a single one.  Pathogenic, self-destructive beliefs have taken over their souls.

Psychiatrists talk about pathogenic beliefs causing severe mental disorders.  The liberal media never stop repeating false and self-destructive slogans about this country.  That’s why your children’s heads are filled with endless tape loops of national self-loathing.  Just ask ’em.

Until the bubble pops. Empty mortgages popped four years ago. The phony Eurozone is quietly collapsing today.  Those moments of truth are constantly covered up by a screaming liberal [government] media.  Human beings cannot stand too much reality, as T.S. Eliot said, but reality still has a way of popping our bubbles.

I don’t know how and when the liberal [government] media will collapse, though the drooping balance sheets of TIME, Newsweek, and the New York Times suggest that the end is near. [Since this article was written, the media have been saved by candidate Trump and later President Trump.]  Power classes take a lot of time to die, even after they become public jokes.  The talking heads of today’s pop culture lost any rationale for existing a long time ago.  They are now repackaging their empty souls, and tossing that smoking potato from CNN to CNBC to Facebook and Twitter.  They have been tried and found wanting, and the handwriting is on the wall. It’s just a matter of when.”…[Sometime after Trump is no longer President, either 2021 or 2025]



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