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President Trump has deliberately hired the swamp he promised to drain. The views for which we elected him including normalizing relations with Russia can’t be properly implemented if everyone around him thinks he’s crazy. For the media: We wouldn’t have voted for Trump if we’d wanted a regular Republican-Townhall, Elliot Resnick

December 24, 2018

12/20/18, “President Trump: Start Hiring Ideological Allies,” Townhall, Elliot Resnick (Chief Editor of the Jewish Press), opinion

“Donald Trump was a political neophyte in June 2015. Those of us who backed him that summer – and who remain his core base to this day – did so due to his genuine love for America, his bare-knuckles style, and his insistence on uttering politically-incorrect truths. We believed in him, loved his independent mind, and adored his total disdain for political pieties and the supercilious elite.

Nothing has changed. We still love him, but watching him hire so many people who reject his core beliefs has been enormously frustrating. Surrounding oneself with ideological clones is not always wise. Hiring a few individuals, therefore, to offer a contrasting viewpoint on various issues would be understandable – even welcome. But Trump has gone way beyond that. He hasn’t just hired a few outliers. Aside from an exceptional few, virtually everyone in his inner circle disagrees with him.

To refresh readers’ memories, here’s a list of unorthodox ideas Trump proposed during the campaign, which electrified his base and horrified the establishment. All potential appointees to Trump’s administration in the future should be forced to read this list. If they don’t agree with at least 80 percent of the items, they shouldn’t be hired:

1) Stop wasting billions of dollars fighting useless wars overseas.

2) Keep the oil.

3) Impose a temporary ban on all Muslims entering this country.

4) Torture terrorists.

5) Consider killing members of terrorists’ families.

6) Build a very tall wall between the United States and Mexico.

7) Force Mexico to pay for it.

8) Stop giving citizenship to anchor babies.

9) Deport many of the illegal immigrants currently in the United States.

10) Draw closer to Russia.

11) Consider leaving NATO.

12) Make South Korea pay for the cost of American troops stationed there.

We didn’t vote for Trump because he was a regular Republican. We voted for him because he was a decidedly unorthodox one….

How many applauded when he announced his Muslim ban? How many enjoyed watching his rallies? How many reflexively took Trump’s side – not the media’s – during all the contrived scandals of the 2016 campaign?

Not everyone working for Trump has to agree with him. But most do. And if he cannot find anyone among the elite who agrees with him – thanks to a half-century of liberal control of public schools, universities, the media, and Hollywood – let him look elsewhere. Perhaps take a page from William Buckley’s book and hire the first 2,000 people in Boston’s telephone book. Let him hire truck drivers if he has to. But he must stop swimming in the swamp he promised to drain.

President Trump, your core voters still adore you and bless Almighty God that you’re president. Every day, you battle liberals who detest you and will do anything to destroy you. We love how you fight back. Many of us would literally take a bullet for you. But we voted – not just for your style – but for your ideas too. And as talented as you are, you cannot properly implement your vision for America if most people around you think you’re crazy.”


Comment: Of course almost 100% of people in the Beltway are also in the Swamp. But it would still in most cases be better to leave jobs empty or fill them with anyone out of the phone book than hire Swamp persons. The concept of “regime change” seems to work only if the US bombs a place. Trump defeated the GOP Establishment Swamp in 2016 but that didn’t mean we got “regime change.” It turns out that in the US, elections don’t matter. All the money in the world is still behind the Swamp of “both” parties. Trump won because he offered Republican voters what they’ve wanted for many years but which the Republican Party refused to provide. The GOP has the same agenda as Democrats: open borders, endless wars, and America Last. All the donor money in the world is behind “America Last.” Trump’s candidacy also attracted many independent and democrat voters which effectively created an “unnamed” new political party. To this day, Trump voters still have no political party behind them-they only have Trump. Neither the GOP nor Democrat Party wants anything to do with them. Trump had two choices when he won. He could announce a new political party or attempt to operate through the established Republican Party. It would be a big job to start a political party to replace the GOP-which at present refuses to be an opposition party to the Democrats. If Trump were age 50 instead of age 70+ it might be a consideration. There’s also the factor that his two “special interests,” Ivanka and Jared, are deeply committed globalist democrats, ie, the exact opposite of Trump voters.


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