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Everyone knows US political class considers its constituents to be everyone outside the US who wants a “better” if not free life from US taxpayers. Examples of existing “border fences” make this clear-photos from National Geographic, Sept. 2017

December 26, 2018

Sept. 2017, “Surreal photos show walls dividing U.S. and Mexico, National Geographic, Story and Photographs by

“In 2009 I became aware of an increase in the building of walls and surveillance towers and other government activities along the 1,954-mile-long U.S. border with Mexico.”…

Above, “A steel wall slices through farmland in Brownsville, Texas, north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Built inland of the actual border—the Rio Grande—it comes to an abrupt end, making it easy to circumvent on foot.”

Above, “I assumed this fence near Los Indios, Texas, wasn’t finished when I photographed it, but two years later nothing had changed. Today it functions more like a sculpture than a barrier.”

Above, “In the Tijuana Estuary south of San Diego, California, a border wall plunges into the Pacific Ocean. That makes it relatively easy for a boat or a Jet Ski—or even a decent swimmer—to bypass.

Above, “In remote areas—like this stretch near Ocotillo, California—vehicle deterrents are made of railroad ties. They’re often called Normandy barriers because they look like some of the blockades used during World War II. Border walls that are meant to keep out pedestrians are designed differently—solid or thinly slatted, standing 12 to 16 feet tall.”


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