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As of Jan. 1, four of five top US weapons contractors are run by women: Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, Gen. Dynamics, and defense arm of Boeing. Women are also top gov. purchasers and designers of deadly weapons-Politico

January 7, 2019

The fact that women now run 4 of the 5 top arms contractors is bad news. Women who compete in the world of war have proven to be more extreme in their dedication to the cause than men, e.g., Hillary Clinton.” 1/4/19, Gareth Porter twitter


Murder, Inc. democrat women elected to US House in Nov. 2018 elections:

11/17/18, “Eleven military-intelligence Democrats win US House seats,” Patrick Martin, Worldwide Socialist Website

Five of the 11 newly elected CIA Democrats are women, a fact which is endlessly celebrated by the media, although there is no reason to believe that female national-security officials are any less ruthless and bloodthirsty than their male counterparts.”…(GOP helped: 38 House districts didn’t even have a Republican candidate on the ballot in 2018. Democrats lacked candidates in only 3 districts.The GOP E is happier in the minority and was eager to get back to it. Until 1994, Democrats had held the House for 40 straight years.)


Current US military might isn’t about defending Americans or ensuring their security:

“For the last 70 years, the obsession of US strategists has not been to defend their people, but to maintain their military superiority over the rest of the world. During the decade between the dissolution of the USSR and the terrorist attacks of 9/11, they searched for ways to intimidate those who resisted them.”…8/22/2017, “The US Military Project for the World,” Thierry Meyssen,


1/2/19, How women took over the military-industrial complex,” Politico, David Brown

For the first time, the nation’s defense hierarchy is no longer dominated by men.”

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