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No sign that female elected Democrats with military-intel resumes are less ruthless and bloodthirsty than male counterparts despite media celebration focusing mainly on gender-Worldwide Socialist Website, Patrick Martin

February 10, 2019

In 2018 38 U.S. House districts had no Republican candidate on the ballot, only 3 races lacked a Democrat candidate. The Republican Party prefers to be in the minority. Until 1994 Democrats had controlled the House for 40 straight yearsFrom 1955-1980, (25 years) Democrats controlled both the House and Senate.


11/17/18, “Eleven military-intelligence Democrats win US House seats,” Patrick Martin, Worldwide Socialist Website

“Five of the 11 newly elected CIA Democrats are women, a fact which is endlessly celebrated by the media, although there is no reason to believe that female national-security officials are any less ruthless and bloodthirsty than their male counterparts.  

Both the former CIA operatives elected November 6, Elissa Slotkin and Abigail Spanberger, are women, as are the two former Navy officers, helicopter pilot Mikie Sherrill and warship commander Elaine Luria, and the former Air Force captain, Chrissy Houlahan.

Slotkin did three tours of duty in Baghdad for the CIA, then worked in the White House on Iraq policy under both Bush and Obama, before a stint as an assistant secretary of defense where she had responsibility for drone warfare, among other murderous tasks. She has now emerged as a media favorite, the subject of a gushing 3,000-word front-page profile in the Detroit Free Press, followed by an invitation to appear on NBC’s Sunday interview program “Meet the Press,” as one of two representatives of the incoming freshman class of congressmen and congresswomen….

The newly elected CIA Democrats have begun to attract considerable media attention,after an election campaign in which the high proportion of military-intelligence candidates seeking Democratic congressional nominations was largely disregarded or directly downplayed by the corporate-controlled media….

With the victory of Jared Golden, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, a total of 11 Democrats with military or intelligence backgrounds have won Republican-held seats in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections.

The military-intelligence apparatus accounts for the largest number of victorious Democratic challengers in Republican districts, more than lawyers (9), state and local government officials (7), businessmen/wealthy individuals (7), or others (8).”…

“The author also recommends:

The CIA Democrats: A balance sheet of the primaries
[21 September 2018] [30 military-intel Democrats won their primaries]

The CIA Democrats and the US midterm elections
[24 September 2018]”

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