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Mr. Trump, the US tried to kill Maduro in Feb. 2015 so Maduro knows “warnings” and threats of “punishment” from errand boys like you aren’t humanitarian. Back home in the US Mr. Trump is as powerful as a 5 year old girl. He refuses to do his own Constitutional duty to protect Americans and US borders

February 23, 2019

US and “allies” tried to kill Maduro in Feb. 2015: 2/24/2015,Obama failed his coup in Venezuela, Voltaire Network, Thierry Meyssan: “Once again, the Obama administration has tried to force the change of a political regime that resists it. On February 12, [2015] an Academi (formerly Blackwater) plane disguised as an aircraft of the Venezuelan army was supposed to bomb the presidential palace and kill President Nicolas Maduro. The plotters had planned to place former MP María Corina Machado in power and have her immediately acclaimed by former Latin American presidents.”

“President Obama had given a warning. In his new doctrine of Defence (National Security Strategy), he wrote: “We stand with citizens whose full exercise of democracy is in danger, as the Venezuelans.Yet, Venezuela is, since the adoption of the 1999 constitution, one of the most democratic countries in the world.It was on February 6, 2015. Washington was finishing developing the plan for the overthrow of the democratic institutions of Venezuela. The coup was planned for February 12. “Operation Jericho” was supervised by the National Security Council (NSC).…To strengthen its economic action, on December 18, 2014, President Obama signed a law imposing new sanctions against Venezuela and several of its leaders.”


US “aid” is a weapon: “Using what was apparently an aid mission to challenge a president stood against the principles of humanitarianism.…The effort was little more than an attempted overthrow of the government….There were “dangers of associating political objectives with humanitarian aid,and warned that sometimes “crises evolve into bigger crises.”…2/21/19, “When Humanitarian Aid Is Used as a Weapon to Bring Down Regimes, The Atlantic, Dylan Baddour, Cucuta, Colombia


Image above from, published 2/27/2016, “State Department’s Mission: Coup d’etat


2/22/19, White House warns Maduro as Venezuela orders partial closure of border with Colombia,” The Hill, John Bowden

“The White House warned Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro on Friday that any “egregious” human rights violations by troops under his government’s command would not “go unpunished” as Maduro’s forces seek to keep [US so-called] foreign aid out of the country.”…

[This article doesn’t explain that Maduro does allow other entities to deliver aid in Venezuela. The US isn’t the only aid entity in the world: “Throughout, international aid organizations including the United Nations have quietly been delivering assistance throughout Venezuela, with the tacit approval of Maduro’s regime [elected government], which has long restricted humanitarian aid and has falsely denied that any Venezuelans are going hungry. A huge concert in Cúcuta on Friday aims to raise additional funds for food and medicine. More U.S. government funds could simply be moved to those programs, were the objective solely to address the humanitarian crisis.” Further, The Hill doesn’t explain that the US tried to murder Maduro in Feb. 2015, enacted sanctions in Dec. 2014 following other US mob  actions in Venezuela meant to starve the population and incite violence. Everyone knows the US is using so-called “humanitarian aid” as a weapon to overthrow the government which it tried and failed to do in Feb. 2015]

(continuing): “The Trump administration issued the statement following media reports that two indigenous people died and others have been injured following clashes with Venezuela’s military as the U.S. pushes to deliver aid to the country. [Farther down in this article: “though the news network could not independently verify the deaths.”]

Around the same time Friday night, The Associated Press reported that Maduro’s vice president, Delcy Rodriguez, had announced the closure of several border crossings with Colombia, citing a perceived threat to Venezuela’s sovereignty.

The White House urged Maduro to allow [US government] aid to “peacefully” enter the country. [Maduro has allowed aid from other entities. The US government tried to assassinate Maduro in Feb. 2015. Everyone knows Trump’s so-called US aid is to challenge the Venezuelan president. Principles of humanitarianism don’t include finishing a coup US failed to complete in 2015. “Peace” is the last thing the US wants. No war=No free US taxpayer cash.]

(continuing): “”Egregious violation of human rights by Maduro and those who are following his orders will not go unpunished. The United States strongly urges the Venezuelan military to uphold its constitutional duty to protect the citizens of Venezuela. The Venezuelan military must allow [US] humanitarian aid to peacefully enter the country. [Aid from other entities has been allowed]. The world is watching,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in the statement.

Local officials told CNN that government troops opened fire on civilians protesting the border closures, though the news network could not independently verify the deaths.

“Instead of mediating, the military started shooting,” the mayor of Gran Sabana, a town near the border, told CNN.

Maduro’s government has [quite logically since tsince the US tried to murder Maduro in Feb. 2015] argued that trucks of [US government so-called] aid supplies contain supplies meant to support coup attempts against the Venezuelan government, which is facing a [a long planned US coup via a US cultivated violent stooge] rival interim government declared by Juan Guaidó, leader of the the National Assembly.

Guaidó is supported by the Trump administration and other NATO countries [NATO is in the North Atlantic. It’s none of NATO’s business], while Maduro’s government is supported by Turkey and Russia, among other nations.

President Trump spoke with Guaidó last month and offered the Venezuelan politician his support, while not announcing any military support for Guaidó’s bid.”


Among comments to this article at Free Republic


“Venezuela is a sovereign nation. Unless the U.S. is threatened, we have no business telling Venezuela we will punish them...

What am I missing here?

4 posted on 2/22/2019, 10:39:32 PM by Jim 0216


“What you are missing is the NeoCon takeover of Trump’s foreign policy.

He promises again and again that we would not be engaging in any more regime change wars, including very clearly in his Inauguration speech.

Now, we are declaring who a nation’s president is and threatening to invade that nation if the heretofore government still recognized by 3/4 of the world does not run away.

This is most certainly not what I voted for. In fact, it is what I voted against.

6 posted on 2/22/2019, 10:42:24 PM by Trumpisourlastchance”

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