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Venezuela has been trying to free itself from US domination and assassination since 2001. Venezuela’s “days were numbered” when it made clear it wanted no part of IMF or World Bank. US supported 2002 coup of Chavez and planned elaborate assassination of Pres. Maduro in Feb. 2015

February 27, 2019

August 2001-Venezuela asked the US to close its military missions there:

“In August 2001, Venezuela’s government asked the American military mission to leave the Fuerte Tiuna site it had occupied for more than 50 years. But [as of May 2004] the US mission continued to operate there, even through the coup the following year [2002] that briefly ousted Mr. Chávez. Asked why the new request to vacate the offices had been made, Mr. García said, “Because they are still there.”” May 13, 2004, “Venezuela is Evicting US Attaches from Bases,” Reuters, Caracas


April 2002-Chavez survives coup attempt, US admits to talks at White House with groups supporting a coup in weeks and months leading up to the 48 hour event:

“The Bush administration was under intense scrutiny yesterday for its role in last weekend’s abortive [48 hour] coup in Venezuela, after admitting that US officials had held a series of meetings in recent months with Venezuelan military officers and opposition activists. The White House yesterday confirmed that a few weeks before the coup attempt, administration officials met Pedro Carmona, the business leader who took over the interim government after President Hugo Chavez was arrested on Friday. [Chavez returned to power 48 hours later].

The US defence department also confirmed that the Venezuelan army’s chief of staff, General Lucas Romero Rincon, visited the Pentagon in December and met the assistant secretary of defence for western hemispheric affairs, Roger Pardo-Maurer.”…4/17/2002, “US ‘gave the nod’ to Venezuelan coup, UK Guardian, Julian Borger, Alex Bellos


April 2002 Venezuela coup attempt: Elliott Abrams was “crucial figureon Bush White House coup team:

“The crucial figure around the coup was [Elliott] Abrams, who operates in the White House as senior director of the National Security Council for ‘democracy, human rights and international operations‘. He was a leading theoretician of the school known as ‘Hemispherism’, which put a priority on combating Marxism in the Americas.”…4/22/2002, “Venezuela coup linked to Bush team, UK Guardian, Ed Vulliamy


April 2002: Just hours after overthrow of Venezuela’s democratically elected government, the IMF stated publicly it was ready to support new dictator, Carmona:

“On April 12, 2002, just hours after Venezuela’s democratically elected government was overthrown in a military coup, the IMF stated publicly that it was ready to assist the new administration [of Pedro Carmona] in whatever manner they find suitable.

This instantaneous show of financial support for a newly installed dictatorship – one which immediately dissolved the country’s constitution, general assembly, and Supreme Court – was unprecedented in the IMF’s history. Typically the IMF does not react so quickly, even to an elected government. It is no wonder that this move was seen in Venezuela and elsewhere as an attempt by the IMF to support the coup itself.“...May 10, 2007, “IMF and World Bank Face Declining Authority as Venezuela Announces Withdrawal,” McClatchy, Mark Weisbrot


April 2002: New York Times happy about undemocratic removal of Chavez:

“On 4/13/2002: The New York Times penned its own love note to the new government. In an editorial, the paper stated: “Venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by a would-be dictator … [because] the military intervened and handed power to a respected business leader.””


2004: Chavez was against globalization so “his days were numbered” as they say:

“Hugo Chávez is against the excesses of US foreign policy and globalization and has let the world know this, which makes it plain to Washington that he’s not of suitable client material. For the empire to let him get away with this would be to set a very bad example for other non-believers.

Since the debacle of 2002, Chávez’s natural enemies at home and in Washington have not relaxed their crusade against him. Opponents have been trying to unseat him through a recall referendum, a drive that is funded in part, if not in full, by, yes, [US group] The National Endowment for Democracy. NED gave a grant of $53,400 to an organization called Sœmate, which appears to be running the referendum campaign. The NED grant document, after castigating Chávez for polarizing Venezuelan society, specifies that Sœmate will “Develop a net of volunteers and [apartidistas] trained to work in elections and in a referendum … [and] promote popular support for the referendum.””…“Financing the [2002 Venezuela] coup,” from 2004 book, “Freeing the World to Death,” by William Blum. The presence of oil wasn’t necessary:Washington has opposed governments and movements throughout Latin America and elsewhere in the world with equal determination, without oil or any other resource being a factor.”


May 2007: Venezuela withdraws from IMF and World Bank . Chavez began loosening ties with them in 1999:”

“Venezuela’s decision this week to pull out of the IMF and the World Bank will be seen in the United States as just another example of the ongoing feud between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the Bush Administration. But it is likely to be viewed differently in the rest of the world, and could have an impact on both institutions, whose power and legitimacy in developing countries has been waning steadily in recent years.”…May 10, 2007, IMF and World Bank Face Declining Authority as Venezuela Announces Withdrawal,” McClatchy, Mark Weisbrot

Added: Founded in 1944, the World Bank and IMF “are twin intergovernmental pillars supporting the structure of the world’s economic and financial order.“


June 2012-Venezuela and 5 other Latin American countries request expulsion of USAID for interference in internal politics of ALBA countries under the excuse of “planning and administering economic and humanitarian assistance:”

6/22/2012, ALBA Expels USAID from Member Countries,”, via DiarioGranma

Signed by: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Dominica Island, Cuba


Feb. 2015-Obama orders assassination of Venezuela Pres. Maduro:

2/24/2015,Obama failed his coup in Venezuela, Voltaire Network, Thierry Meyssan

“Once again, the Obama administration has tried to force the change of a political regime that resists it. On February 12, [2015] an Academi (formerly Blackwater) plane disguised as an aircraft of the Venezuelan army was supposed to bomb the presidential palace and kill President Nicolas Maduro. The plotters had planned to place former MP María Corina Machado in power….

President Obama had given a warning. In his new doctrine of Defence (National Security Strategy), he wrote: “We stand with citizens whose full exercise of democracy is in danger, as the Venezuelans.” Yet, Venezuela is, since the adoption of the 1999 constitution, one of the most democratic countries in the world….

Washington was finishing developing the plan for the overthrow of the democratic institutions of Venezuela. The coup was planned for February 12.”…


Feb. 2019: Humanitarian Aid Is Used as a Weapon against Venezuela’s government:

2/21/19, “When Humanitarian Aid Is Used as a Weapon to Bring Down Regimes, The Atlantic, Dylan Baddour, Cucuta, Colombia


March 2007: There’s no such thing as humanitarian intervention:

“There is no such thing as humanitarian military intervention distinct from war or counterinsurgency. Intervention and occupation should not be confused with classic peacekeeping, which is difficult enough even with a ceasefire agreement and the consent of the parties. If we want an intervention to overthrow a tyranny, protect citizens from their own government, or deliver humanitarian aid during an ongoing conflict, we should be honest with ourselves – we are arguing for a just war. And if we wish to make this case, let us be clear that the war is political (and must be very smartly political to succeed); that military logic will dictate what happens (including probable escalation and various unpredictable factors); and that it will entail bloodshed including the killing of innocent people.…Chasing the chimera of humanitarian intervention distracts us and impedes the search for real solutions to crises such as Darfur.”

March 21, 2007,No Such Thing as Humanitarian Intervention, Harvard International Review,, Alex De Waal


Added: US decrees death of nations:

Image above from, published 2/27/2016, “State Department’s Mission: Coup d’etat


Comment: The most important function of the Endless Foreign War Industry is to permanently silence and enslave all Americans from birth. Whatever else it does is of secondary importance.
The “peace” movement was loud and strong until Nov. 2008. It abruptly ended when Obama was elected. During his 8 years Obama transformed the Democrat Party into the home of the Endless US Taxpayer Funded Foreign War Industry. He remade government into something about which everything was said to be “classified.” Should a clueless rube dare ask a question about why this was happening, the rube was told, “That information is classified, national security, you hick.” This must be one those “US values” we hear about that you have to share if you don’t want to be executed or bombed by the US.

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