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Trump’s richly deserved failure in Venezuela-Daniel Larison, American Conservative…(Trump has no credibility “helping” other countries because he treats his own people like garbage, refuses to enforce US border)

April 14, 2019

In Feb. 2015 Obama ordered assassination of Venezuela Pres. Maduro.…In April 2002, “US ‘gave the nod’ to a Venezuelan coup” of ChavezElliott Abrams was “crucial figure in 2002 attempt….Not realizing 2002 US backed coup of a democratically elected government would fail in 48 hours, IMF right away publicly stated its support for new US selected Venezuelan dictator, Carmona….a move seen in Venezuela and elsewhere as IMF support for the coup. US believes everyone belongs to them. In August 2001, Venezuela’s government asked the US to leave a military mission site it had occupied there for more than 50 years…May 2007: Venezuela withdraws from US-controlled IMF and World Bank. Chavez had begun loosening ties in 1999…June 2012-Venezuela and 5 other Latin American countries requested expulsion of USAID for interference in their internal politics under the excuse of…“humanitarian assistance:”There’s no such thing as Humanitarian Intervention separate from war…2017 to present: Unfortunately for Venezuela and all humanity, Ivanka loves IMF and World Bank.

4/13/19, Trump’s Failing Venezuela Policy, The American Conservative, Daniel Larison

“The Venezuelan military has not budged from its support for Maduro:

“Underpaid, underfed and humiliated by the autocratic turn their once-rich and democratic country had taken, the armed forces were the linchpin of the U.S. administration’s strategy. Some U.S. officials predicted that Venezuela’s military would flip en masse within days.

Nearly three months later, Venezuela’s top-heavy military remains largely intact under President Nicolás Maduro. The once-brisk pace of defections to neighboring Colombia has slowed to a trickle. Fewer than 1,500 Venezuelan soldiers, relieved by the Colombian government [controlled by SorosTrump’s idol] of their weapons and uniforms and housed in sparsely furnished hotel rooms near the border, now sit waiting for something to happen.”

Regime changers always assume that it will be easier, faster, and cheaper to topple a foreign government and deal with the aftermath than it really is. Almost three months since the U.S. and other governments threw their support behind Guaido, their absurdly optimistic assumptions have been proven completely wrong. At some point, the administration and opposition will have to acknowledge that their attempt at regime change has failed, but they continue to cling to their fantasy that they sanction Maduro into submission. The sooner that the administration accepts that its policy won’t work, the sooner it can lift sanctions and back off from its misguided demands.

The military’s refusal to switch sides should have been taken as a given. The fact that the administration and opposition assumed that they would rapidly abandon Maduro [or Chavez before him] shows how little thought they gave to the consequences of what they were doing. The top brass has no incentive to abandon a system that benefits them personally, and the officers underneath them have ample reason not to take major risks by siding with the opposition. Add to that the presence of Cuban intelligence officers who are there to learn about and squash any possible uprising, and you have a recipe for stalemate.

The [Washington Post] article goes on to say this:

“While they are hesitant to criticize, some U.S. officials express exasperation with the Guaidó-led opposition, which they see as failing to win the support of the Venezuelan armed forces even as they demand U.S. intervention.

“The opposition hasn’t gained their confidence,” the former senior U.S. official said, and “has done a lousy job at assuaging their fears.””

It is fair to fault the opposition for wishful thinking, but it is the administration’s failure to take the assurances of the opposition at face value. When Guaido reportedly told Pence that half the military would quickly switch sides, the appropriate response was to assume that he was telling our government whatever they wanted to hear instead of telling them the truth.

Unfortunately, the [Trump] administration is full of ideologues and fools that want to believe anything that gives them a shot at bringing down a government they  [bankers] don’t like. The Trump administration thought they had a quick and easy foreign policy victory lined up for them, and months later they are discovering that they didn’t have the first clue what they are doing.”

Image, “Christine Lagarde (L), Managing Director and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), speaks next to White House Presidential Advisor Ivanka Trump at the 55th Munich Security Conference in Munich, southern Germany, on February 16, 2019.” AFP, getty

Image,, published 2/27/2016, “State Department’s Mission: Coup d’etat


Added: Proof if needed that the US is a dictatorship: They laugh at us, that those of us who pay all the bills imagine we have any say in our government. Solution: Cancel elections. Stop reinforcing a giant fraud.

3/29/19, “There is a mind-set within what we call the Washington ruling class. They are very exclusionary people. They do not welcome outsiders.

They hold outsiders — average people — in varying degrees of contempt. They chuckle at the idea that the American people have any say-so in the operation of their government.”…

It’s a Coup, Not an Investigation — And It’s Not Over,” Rush Limbaugh


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