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OPCW shockingly admits it can’t prove April 2018 Al Qaeda claim of chemical attack in Douma, Syria. Trump ignores OPCW revelation, even backs new claim by his Al Qaeda allies in Syria, says if you don’t believe evidence-free Al Qaeda chemical complaints, you’re effectively a Putin stooge-Jonathan Cook, 21st Century Wire, 5/25/19

May 26, 2019

“Interestingly, in the case of US officials, they claim that Syria and Russia are behind the “disinformation campaign” against the OPCW, even though the OPCW has admitted that the leaked document discrediting its work is genuine and written by one of its experts.…The document was an assessment overseen by Ian Henderson, a senior OPCW expert, of the engineering data gathered by the OPCW’s fact-finding mission that attended the scene of the Douma attack. Its findings fly in the face of the OPCW’s published report.

May 25, 2019, The Western media “death cult” is dragging us into the abyss of perpetual war,” 21stCentury Wire, Jonathan Cook

Image: “American troops illegally in Syria. (Photo: Twitter)

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