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Two things I like about Syria’s 2012 Constitution: Those who abuse the will of voters will be punished, and half the People’s Assembly shall be of workers and farmers

July 9, 2019

Syria’s new Constitution in 2012 was approved by almost 90% of voters and superceded the Syria Constitution that had been in place since 1973. “February 26, 2012 – Syrians vote on a constitutional referendum in polling centers across the country. Almost 90% of voters approve the changes to the constitution, which include the possibility of a multi-party system.

I especially liked two things in the new Constitution:

*that half the People’s Assembly must be of workers and farmers (Article 60), and

*that “those who abuse the will of the voters” will be punished” (Article 61):

“Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic -2012”...

“Article 60:

1. The system of electing members of the People’s Assembly, their number and the conditions to be met by the candidates shall be determined by a law; 2. Half of the members of the People’s Assembly at least shall be of the workers and farmers, and the law shall state the definition of the worker and the farmer….

Article 61:

The Election Law shall include the provisions that ensure: 1. The freedom of voters to choose their representatives and the safety and integrity of the electoral procedures; 2. The right of candidates to supervise the electoral process; 3. Punishing those who abuse the will of the voters; 4. Identifying the regulations of financing election campaigns; 5. Organizing the election campaign and the use of media outlets.”…

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