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In 2018 one US gov. group spent over $6 million on the ground in Russia to sow discord. So-called National Endowment for Democracy, NED, taught Russian people about “international norms,” “international networks,” and “rule of law” which everyone knows doesn’t exist in the US. Why does any country allow US groups since US is a Failed State with wide open borders and sponsors terrorism?

August 15, 2019


“National Endowment for Democracy,””

“Supporting freedom around the world”

In 2018 US NED spent $6,347,976 million on the ground in Russia working to sow discord.


With its sponsorship of terrorism and wide open borders, US is a Failed State and has no credibility advising anyone about anything. Unfortunately, Russia allows the US to present itself to the Russian people as an expert advocate of: “international networks,” “international mechanisms,”international norms,” “democratic norms,” “transborder anti-corruption work,” “domestic legislation, and, most ridiculous of all, “rule of law”which everyone knows doesn’t exist in the US. US group NED conveys its alleged expertise in these areas to to destabilize and create discord in Russia. US will also teach about  how to fight kleptocratic practices. Following are five examples of how the $6 million was spent:

Example One: US will connect Russian people to an “international network” to facilitate “transborder anti-corruption work:”

Aiding Corruption Investigations

Accountability and Governance


To strengthen anti-corruption initiatives and raise awareness of the impact of kleptocratic behavior and its implication for democratic societies. The work of anti-corruption activists will be made more effective through connections with an international network, which will facilitate transborder anti-corruption work and highlight the ways in which kleptocratic practices undermine democratic principles. Activists will be connected to media outlets and experts who can assist with their work.”


Example Two: US claims it will teach the Russian people about “rule of law,” which everyone knows is non-existent in the US, also “compliance with and implementation of international norms,” and “use of international mechanismsto address alleged human rights violations.

Increasing Access to Justice

Human Rights


To promote adherence to the rule of law by advocating for compliance with and implementation of international norms and domestic legislation. To increase domestic and international awareness about the use of international mechanisms as a tool to address human rights violations. Monitoring will be conducted and technical assistance will be offered to victims of human rights violations.”


Example Three: US will teach about so-called  “democratic norms:”

Supporting Independent Media

Freedom of Information


To provide independent news and analysis on social, political, and human rights developments, and to foster open discussion and debate on these topics. Content related to the development of democratic norms and competitive politics will be published in the form of independent reporting, news updates, and opinion pieces.”


Example Four: “Adherence to international norms”

Protecting Activists

Human Rights


To foster the respect of, and adherence to, international norms on human rights, the rule of law, and democratic values, and to raise domestic and international awareness of the importance of these issues. Legal proceedings will be monitored and research will be conducted, information will be published, and, in some cases, legal aid will be provided to victims of violations.”


Example Five: “Legal norms”

“Public Dialogue

Human Rights


To support civil society activists and human rights defenders and to promote understanding of human rights and legal norms. Public discussions on topics related to history, human rights, and local issues will be facilitated. A resource center will be maintained and support will be offered to activists, local NGOs, and civic initiative groups.”


Comment: Unprofessional US personnel who wrote the 2018 NED report on Russia begin by insulting Russia and the Russian people by using the term “kleptocrats,” a reference to the former Soviet Union, and implying without evidence that “kleptocratic behavior” exists in Russia in 2018. The reality is that it’s US “kleptocrats and oligarchs” who plundered Russia in 1990s and left her for dead. It’s unfortunate that Russia allows NED in its country because the US views Russia as its personal property: “In the years following the end of the Soviet Union, the idea that Russia was “ours to lose” gained wide currency in American foreign policy circles.”Russia barely escaped with its life after Bill Clinton administration and its associates led “economic genocide” of fragile, newly independent Russia in 1990s with especially catastrophic results for children and the elderly, even laughed aboutstuffing shit down Yeltsin’s throat.”

Image, 1993, Beaming American currency speculator George Soros with Russian President Yeltsin at the Kremlin, Reuters

Amoral U.S. elites, aided by tens of millions of US taxpayer dollars, plundered Russia in 1990s, helped prevent democracy and economic reform, and destroyed Russia’s middle class: “The Harvard Boys Do Russia,“ The Nation, May 1998.


“Yeltsin remained “Friend Boris” to the West even after he sent tanks to blast his political opponents from Parliament in 1993. In Russia, he faced impeachment charges for this and other “crimes against the nation.”




But US wanted drunken puppet Yeltsin to stay. In 1996, the US proudly interfered in Russia’s democracy and ran Yeltsin’s re-election campaign, “Yanks to the Rescue,Time, 7/15/1996…As of 2019, US cronies still think Russia belongs to them: US permanent political class discusses breaking up Russia and handing out its parts, saying it’s too “unwieldy.”





During his 9/21/1993 televised announcement dissolving parliament Yeltsin “reached for cup of tea to show Russians he was not drunk,” per English speaking news announcer @:02 in European tv feed. A day later on 10/5/1993, Yeltsin ordered military tanks to attack parliament resulting in scores dead and hundreds injured. Bill Clinton said Yeltsin “had no alternative.” Video clips include BBC, CBS News and ABC News. You Tube video.

Russian Constitutional Crisis- Day 1: Yeltsin declares himself dictator. :47, All the powers of the Russian Federation have been annulled,” announcer quotes Yeltsin. Subsequent female interpreter is identified in on-screen graphic as “Lynn Visson.” Ms. Visson is a former UN interpreter.CBS News Roger Mudd @5:40 says that Bill Clinton downplayed “the crisis,” and later phoned Yeltsin to express his support. VP Al Gore @5:55 says US supports Yeltsin and his efforts at democracy and a “free market economy.We feel Boris Yeltsin is the best hope for democracy in Russia.

You Tube page text: Yeltsin issues decree dissolving Parliament. He is impeached and replaced by Alexander Rutskoi.” English speaking announcer says @7:00 Yeltsin has recently visited crucial internal military units which are “on standby to seize control of parliament if ordered to do so.” @7:30, “Significantly, a few days ago he [Yeltsin] gave them [the military] their second pay rise in 6 months.”

Dec. 1993: U.S. backing remained constant after the disastrous election results in which Yeltsin’s party received only 15 percent of the vote and the Constitution barely passed the referendum.”….This after US gave Yeltsin $12 million US tax dollars to help his Nov. 1993 election and provided election experts on the ground in Russia.


Conversely, “Russians will remember Mr. Putin as the man who pulled the country from the brink of collapse.”

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