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US presidents have no power on their own. Of US, China and Russia, Russia is the only truly independent country that exercises power on behalf of its people. US media has been US president since 9/11/2001-Meyssan, Voltaire

October 9, 2019

10/8/19, Donald Trump, Alone Against All,” Voltaire, Thierry Meyssan

All historians agree that George W. Bush did not really hold the presidency, but aligned himself with his entourage, first with his vice-president, Dick Cheney, and his secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld. It is also clear that Barack Obama had very little power other than targeted assassinations. It now appears that Donald Trump is not in a position to change US policy. It must be said that, since 11 September 2001, the office of President of the United States has been almost exclusively in the media. And, if the president does not make policy, those who do so in the shadows are not elected.

Secondly, the United States’ allies do not obey the US President, but its deep state. They are the toys of an invisible actor. Only Russia and China are truly independent. Russia is the only one of these three states whose president is democratically elected and who exercises power on behalf of its people. China is a transparent system, but only members of the single party participate in its political life. The United States system is perfectly opaque….[subhead, Lessons of this story]

President Trump believed he had neutralized the opposition of the committees responsible for implementing the more or less secret treaties of the United States with its allies. He believed he had negotiated with the alternative government constituted as a preventive measure in the event of a nuclear war. He was obviously wrong….

Alone, against his opposition, against his administration and against his allies, President Trump does not seem to be able to fulfill his campaign commitments. Three years after his election, the House of Representatives launched an impeachment procedure against him because he is fighting against the corruption of the Clinton clan.”….

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