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Congress should be impeached for failing to impeach Trump for his unprovoked criminal occupation of large areas of Syria, criminally placing US personnel in Syria, criminally bombing Syria, criminally blocking Syria from accessing its own oil, stating that US will steal Syria’s oil, and building two more military bases there

November 7, 2019

Tweet. Cave. Repeat. Equals 2020 Defeat,Ryan Detert

Original PhotoGage Skidmore, Photo Illustration: Ryan Detert


11/6/19, US to Build Two More Bases in Syrian Oil Region,, Jason Ditz

Construction equipment being sent to areas US troops are based.”

“Reports out of eastern Syria, citing local sources, say that the US appears to be preparing to build two substantial military bases in the Soor area, near major oilfields which the Trump Administration intends to retain.

Since President Trump announced in October that his military goals in Syria were being entirely revised around the idea of keeping control over [stealing] oilfeilds, and talked of [illegally] extracting oil from the area, US military deployments have centered on oilfields in the east.

It makes some sense then that the US would be building bases in that area, since it’s where the troops are staying. If anything though, this rush of material shows both how hasty the oil-taking [stealing] decision was, and how long the US is likely to end up stuck in Syria trying to get oil out of there.

Russian outlets have predicted the oil the US intends to appropriate [the word is “steal”] will be worth around $30 million per month, though President Trump has claimed a much higher value of $45 million per month in his own comments.

Either way, the cost [to US taxpayers] of keeping US troops in Syria exclusively to try to take [steal] the oil is not insubstantial, and the cost of building and operating entire new US bases is only going to add to that cost.

The assumption seems to be that the [stolen] oil will pay for this in the end, though the legal basis for taking [stealing] the oil simply does not exist, and so far no US company has indicated even a hint of interest in getting drawn into this difficult effort.”


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USA is a malignant cancer on the body of Planet Earth.”



What the hell happened to my country?!”



This notion that the US is trying to decide how to steal Syria’s oil is completely disingenuous. They’ve been stealing the oil almost from day one. The only reason the US military is directly involved is because Russia smashed the whole operation when it was being run by daesh. They went from billions a month in stolen oil revenue to almost nothing nearly overnight. They moved in the troops to secure the logistical routes for the stolen oil. That move cut Turkey out of part of this racket and the Turks have been quite peeved ever since. The PKK kurds that have been facilitating the oil theft for the US military won’t work with Turkey like daesh [ISIS] did.”



Exactly. In 2015, right after Putin`s speech at the UN, Russia started to smash thousands of oil tankers driving through the Syria/Turkey border.
At the G20, Putin said [see source below] i have a list of all the countries involved in the oil for weapon smuggling, most of the countries on the list are present right here at the G20″. The downing and killing of a Russian jet and pilot was a revenge/hit job….it had just smashed a caravan of oil tankers and was returning to its base.”

Source, Putin in 2015 at G20 produced satellite images of ongoing theft of Syrian oil: “It was only in November 2015, during the G20 summit in Antalya, that Vladimir Putin accused  violating the UN resolution and selling Daesh’s oil. When President Erdoğan denied it, the head of operations for the Russian army, General Serguei Rudskoy, presented satellite images at a public Press conference, showing 8,500 tanker trucks crossing the Turkish border. The Russian air force immediately destroyed the trucks present in Syria, but the greater part of the traffic continued via Iraqi Kurdistan, under the responsibility of its President Massoud Barzani….These tank trucks all belonged to Powertans, a company which had obtained the monopoly for the transport of oil on Turkish territory, without it being put out for competitive bids. It was owned by the very mysterious Grand Fortune Ventures, based first in Singapore, then transferred to the Cayman Islands. Behind this financial set-up was Çalık Holding, the company belonging to Berat Albayrak, President Erdoğan’s son-in law and his Minister for Energy [5].”…8/2/19, Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire, Daesh realises the dream of the Muslim Brotherhood – the Caliphate”


Additional source for US building more military bases in Syria:

11/5/19, “US building new military bases in Syria’s oil-rich area,” hurriyet news, Turkey, Deir ez-zor-anadolu agency

“The U.S. has started construction of two new military bases in Syria’s oil-rich Deir ez-Zor governorate.

The military bases are being built in the 113th Brigade area and near al-Sur region, according to local sources.

While the footage captured by Anadolu Agency showed that many construction equipment are put into action, it was learnt the U.S. has sent 250 to 300 additional soldiers, armored vehicles, heavy weapons and ammunitions to the region.

After a pause in Turkey’s anti-terror operation in northern Syria, U.S. troops on Nov. 1 resumed military patrols around oil reservoirs in northeastern Syria.”

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