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US is main source of foreign meddling in Australian politics since WWII. In 2010, US orchestrated Kevin Rudd’s replacement by Julia

December 25, 2019

12/24/19, Australian police begin “foreign interference” raids,”, Mike Head

“Without providing any details whatsoever, the front-page headline on last Saturday’s Weekend Australian declared: “Police launch raids on foreign agents.”

It began: “The Australian Federal Police has frozen the bank accounts of a suspected foreign agent and will move against a range of foreign operatives in the first half of next year as part of a crackdown aimed at curbing unprecedented levels of foreign meddling.”

No indications were provided of the identities of the “suspected foreign agent” or the “foreign operatives.” The article only said the AFP [Australian Fed. Police] had frozen “several bank accounts,” “seized cash” and “executed search warrants.”…

Not a word is being said in the media and political establishment about the chief source of foreign “meddling” in Australian politics–the United States. Since World War II, Washington has had a continuous history of intervening, including in the ousting of two prime ministersGough Whitlam in 1975 and Kevin Rudd in 2010. Secret US cables published by WikiLeaks in 2010, as part of its massive “Cablegate” files, revealed that protected sources” of the US embassy inside the Labor Party helped orchestrate Rudd’s replacement by Julia Gillard.“...(10th parag. from end)

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