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So-called “Republican controlled Senate” says they don’t have the votes to dismiss Trump’s impeachment case, in fact almost no interest in motion to dismiss. Trump had called for “outright dismissal”-ABC News

January 14, 2020

Republican voters long ago learned never to count on the Republican Party…“Regardless of the merits of this or that issue, on the whole they’d rather preemptively surrender.Doesn’t matter what your issue is, they’ll fold.…Mark Steyn, 2/14/2015, “The GOP Don’t Never Dance With Them What Brung Them,” Steyn on America…US Senate, Dec. 2015: 54 Republicans-46 Democrats; After 2018 elections, 53 Republicans, 47 Democrats

1/13/20, “Trump calls for ‘outright dismissal’ but GOP senator says there aren’t enough votes,” ABC News

Senate Republicans are downplaying President Donald Trump’s weekend tweet calling for an “outright dismissal” of the charges against him.

Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, a member of Senate leadership, told reporters on Monday that the Senate Republican caucus simply doesn’t have the votes.

The argument for an argument to dismiss is: there was one in the Clinton rules [which failed] Blunt said, referring to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. [On Feb. 2, 1999, Clinton was acquitted in the Senate]. “But I think I’m safe in saying there’s almost no interest in motion to dismiss, certainly there aren’t 51 votes for a motion to dismiss.”

Over the weekend, Trump argued that a trial would give Democrats a “credibility that it otherwise does not have” and urged Republicans to dismiss the charges against him….

Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have said that dismissing the articles of impeachment against Trump is not a likely scenario. Instead, they have endorsed a vote of acquittal, believing it sends a stronger message.

Several Republican senators are now debating whether or not a “motion to dismiss” should even be included in the rules resolution McConnell is currently drafting, which will determine the procedure senators will abide by during Trump’s impeachment trial. During Clinton’s trial, the rules resolution included a motion to dismiss, but it ultimately failed.

“Our members, generally, are not interested in a motion to dismiss. They think both sides need to be heard. They believe the president needs to be heard, for the first time, in a fair setting,” Blunt said.

Other Republican senators concur. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine told reporters on Monday, “I would vote against a motion to dismiss immediately. Absolutely.””...


Comment: Amazing that Trump expects the GOP Senate to help him. Trump’s 2016 victory was a result of a hostile takeover of the GOP which isn’t really a political party, it’s just a lobby for fat cats. It despises voters, has no interest in winning, and is happier in the minority. When we gave the GOP House a landslide victory in Nov. 2010 they were furious. There were almost no Republicans left in the House after 2008 and they loved it that way. If a voter complains, they just say, sorry, Democrats control everything, nothing I can do. They want to be left alone to do deals.


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