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Trump and his pal, The Queen, are both big fans of Islamic terrorist headslicer group White Helmets. In 2016 The Queen honored White Helmets co-founder James Le Mesurier

January 31, 2020

White Helmets terror group in Syria requires “aid” payments be made in cash and gives no receipts, per August 2018 report by Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, page 31. Further per Netherlands report, page 24:The large majority of the [White Helmets] volunteers is not actually vetted.” …Syria has “been the target of one of the most expensive and sophisticated disinformation campaigns in recent history.”

 In June 2016, announcement below, The Queen was “graciously pleasedto give orders for appointment to “the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, OBE, to James Gustaf Edward LeMesurier for services to Syria Civil Defence and the protection of civilians in Syria.“…

Per BBC, James Le Mesurier was White Helmets co-founder. The organisation is also known as the Syria Civil Defence. Le Mesurier was honored by the Queen with an OBE in 2016. Le Mesurier is a former British Army officer.

Image below, June 11, 2016, The Gazette, Official Public Record, Order of the British Empire” to “James Gustaf Edward LeMesurierFor services to Syria Civil Defence and the protection of civilians in Syria.”

UK Telegraph: “James Le Mesurier, who has died aged 48, was a former British Army officer who founded MayDay Rescue, the charity that trained the civilian White Helmets.His military career included operational tours as part of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Bosnia and Kosovo.…He went on to private-sector appointments at the Abu Dhabi-based private security consultancies.”



Image: June 3, 2019, Trump and the Queen during dinner at Buckingham Palace, getty


Added: Pres. Trump, like his pal, The Queen, openly supports Islamic terrorist headslicers in Syria. Trump has given at least $16.1 million US taxpayer dollars to White Helmets terrorists whom he lavishly praises, even urges “allies and partners to join us in our support” for this terrorist group. (Don’t forget, Trump’s beloved White Helmets only accepts cash):

*Oct. 2019-US announces $4.5 million US to White Helmets…”The Trump White House called on “allies and partners to join us in our support for the SCD (White Helmets).”…

*In March 2019, Trump gave $5 million more US taxpayer dollars to Islamic terror group White Helmets. He praised them in a State Dept. proclamation:These heroic first responders have the most dangerous job in the world....The United States Government strongly supports the work of the White Helmets.”…

*In June 2018, Trump approved $6.6 million [tax dollars] in USAID funding for the White Helmets…Between 2013 and 2016, USAID gave at least $23 million [US tax dollars] to the group...




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