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Profound reorganization of US Executive branch ongoing, power being transferred to health bureaucrats over US president and other elected representatives. Military and bankers in the wings. Any excuse will do, at the moment it’s the virus-Voltaire, Thierry Meyssan

March 31, 2020

UK test kits contaminated, weeks added to lockdown as new kits will take weeks: 3/30/20, UK “Coronavirus testing effort hampered by kits contaminated with Covid-19,” UK Telegraph, Bill Gardner, Harry Yorke


3/31/20, “Putchists in the Shadow of the Coronavirus,” Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Net

Image caption: On February 1, [2020] US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper instructed General Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy to stand by. On February 13, O’Shaughnessy testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee that he was preparing for the worst-case scenario. In the event of a health disaster, the “Continuity of Government” plan would make him the next dictator (in the ancient sense) of the United States.”

“While the public’s eyes are riveted on the progression of coronavirus numbers, a profound reorganization of the executive is taking place, giving primacy to senior health officials over policy. In the shadows, bankers and soldiers are agitating in the hope of confiscating power for their own benefit.”

The primacy of administrative logic over political logic

Many governments in industrialized countries decided to respond to the Covid-19 epidemic by confining their populations.This strategy does not stem from medicine, which has never practised isolation of healthy people, but from good management of medical resources to prevent a massive influx of sick people so as not to clog hospitals. Few industrialized countries, such as Sweden, have rejected this administrative approach to the epidemic. They have opted for a medical approach and therefore do not practise generalised containment.

The first lesson of the current period is therefore that in developed countries, administrative logic is now superior to medical experience.

Yet even without medical expertise, I have no doubt that millennia of medical experience can be more effective against a disease than bureaucratic recipes [fromprofessors of mathematical biology” who are subjects of the Queen (Trump’s pal) and live and work in the UK].

[Image: June 3, 2019, Trump and the Queen during dinner at Buckingham Palace, getty….”The “special relationship” between the US and UK (CIA and MI6) is obviously to assist each other in deceiving the other’s public....“A thorough reappraisal of our “special relationship” with the United Kingdom and exposure of its activities to the detriment of the US is imperative.”]

Incidentally, if we continue to observe the current phenomenon, we can see that, at the moment, Sweden has 10 deaths per million inhabitants, while Italy mourns 166 per million. Of course, this is only the beginning of the epidemic and these two countries are very different. However, Italy will probably have to deal with a second and then a third wave of infection, while Sweden will have acquired group immunity and will be protected from it.

The primacy of senior health officials over the elected representatives of the people

This being said, the widespread containment of capital goods not only disrupts the economy, but also modes of government. Almost everywhere, we see the word of politicians fading in the face of that of senior health officials, who are supposed to be more effective than they are. This makes sense because the decision to contain is purely administrative. We have collectively agreed to fight for our hospitals and to prevent disease, not to fight it.

Unfortunately, everyone can see that, contrary to appearances, we have not become more efficient. For example, the Member States of the European Union have not been able to provide the necessary medical equipment and medicines in good time. This is the fault of the usual rules. For example: economic globalisation has resulted in there being only one manufacturer of artificial respirators, and it is Chinese. Tendering procedures take several months before they are available, and policies are no longer in place to override these procedures. Only the United States has been able to solve this problem immediately through company requisitions.

France, which during the Second World War, under Philippe Pétain, experienced an administrative dictatorship known as the “French State”, has already experienced a political takeover by senior civil servants over the past three decades. We then spoke of ENArchie. Identically and without her being aware of it, she deprived politicians of the knowledge of the administration that the accumulation of local and national mandates conferred on them. From now on, elected officials are less well informed than senior civil servants and have all the trouble in the world to control them.

Just as senior health officials suddenly find themselves vested with an authority that does not normally belong to them, so bankers and the military aspire to the same promotion at the expense of politicians.

Bankers lurking in the shadows

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer (Minister of Finance), then British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, published an op-ed in the Financial Times [1] In it, he argues for using the fear of Covid-19 to achieve what failed during the financial crisis of 2008. At the time, he had failed to create a global financial government and had to settle for mere consultation with the G20. It would be possible today, he continued, to create a global health government. And to consider which powers should be associated with the permanent members of the Security Council.

There is no reason to believe that this global government would be more successful than national governments. The only thing that is certain is that it would escape any form of democratic control.

This project is no more likely to succeed than that of the world financial government. Gordon Brown was also a staunch supporter of keeping the United Kingdom in the European Union. Again, he lost.

[Image: Ivanka Trump at State Banquet at Buckingham Palace, London, Monday, June 3, 2019. AP]

The deep US state lurks in the shadows

Historically, in all crises, attempts are made to use the argument of “urgency” to change Power without the public having time to think, and often this is successful.

On January 30, 2020, the WHO declared a “state of public health emergency of international concern”. The next day, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper secretly signed a Warning Order stating that NorthCom was to stand ready for possible application of the new “Continuity of Government” rules.

These rules are classified Above-Top Secret, meaning that communication is restricted to persons with the highest level of clearance and with a Special Access Program (SAP).

It should be remembered that the principle of “continuity of government” was forged at the beginning of the Cold War. It was designed to protect the United States in the event of a nuclear war against the Soviet Union and the death or incapacity of the President,Vice President, and Speaker of the House of Representatives. According to a written directive from President Dwight Eisenhower, a replacement military government was to provide immediate continuity of command during the war until democratic procedures were restored [2].

This replacement government was never requested, except on September 11, 2001, by the National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Richard Clarke [3] However, if the country was undergoing a terrible attack, neither the President, the Vice-President nor the Speaker of the House of Representatives had died or been prevented from doing so, which led me to conclude that it was a coup d’état. In any case, President George Bush Jr. regained his prerogatives the same day in the evening and no explanation was ever given of what happened during the ten hours of suspension of his authority[4].

According to the best Pentagon expert, William Arkin, in Newsweek [5], there are now seven separate plans: [5] [“Exclusive: Inside The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples the Government”, William M. Arkin, Newsweek, March 18, 2020]

*Rescue & Evacuation of the Occupants of the Executive Mansion (RESEM) to protect the President, the Vice President and their families.
*Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan (JEEP) to protect the Secretary of Defense and key military leaders.
*Atlas Plan to protect members of Congress and the Supreme Court.
*Octagon, about which nothing is known.
* Freejack, also unknown.
*Zodiac, still unknown.
*Granite Shadow, which provides for the deployment of special units in Washington and stipulates the conditions for the use of force and the passage of places under military authority [6].

Note that RESEM is intended to protect the president and vice-president, but can only be applied once they are dead or incapacitated.

In any event, the implementation of these seven plans would be the responsibility of the United States Military Command for North America (NorthCom)under the responsibility of an illustrious unknown, General Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy.

It should be remembered that under US law, this man is required to become the dictator of the United States only in the event of the death or incapacity of the three principal elected officials of the federal state, but in practice, his predecessor, General Ralph Eberhart, has sometimes exercised this power without this condition being met. Eberhart, now 73 years old, is the head of the major US military avionics companies.

General O’Shaughnessy told the Senate Armed Services Committee on February 13 [2020] that the NorthCom was preparing for the worst. To this end, it liaises on a daily basis with the ten other US Central Commands for the World [7].

NorthCom has authority not only over the United States, but also over Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. Under international agreements, it can, on its own initiative, deploy US troops to these three countries.

In 2016, President Barack Obama signed the top-secret Presidential Policy Directive 40 on “National Continuity Policy“. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate signed Federal Continuity Directive 1two days before President Donald Trump took office, specifying some of the details at lower levels.

They’ve thought of everything, and are prepared for the worst. The outbreak provides them with the motive to act.So the questions asked by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian about a possible deliberate release of the virus by the US military make sense.”

Roger Lagassé

“[1] “End the dog-eat-dog mentality to tackle the crisis”, Gordon Brown, Financial Times (UK), Voltaire Network, March 26, 2020.

[2] Continuity of Government: Current Federal Arrangements and the Future, Harold C. Relyea, Congresionnal Research Service, August 5, 2005.

[3] Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror, Richard Clarke, Free Press (2004).

[4] A Pretext for War: 9/11, Iraq, and the Abuse of America’s Intelligence Agencies, James Bamfort, Anchor Books (2005).

[5] Exclusive: Inside The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples the Government”, William M. Arkin, Newsweek, March 18, 2020.

[6] “Top Secret Pentagon Operation “Granite Shadow” revealed. Today in DC: Commandos in the Streets?”, William Arkin, Washington Post, September 25, 2005.

[7] Hearing to receive testimony on United States Northern Command and United States Strategic Command in review of the Defense Authorization Request for fiscal year 2021 and the future years Defense Program, Senate Committe on Armed Service, February 13, 2020.”


Added: “A thorough reappraisal of our “special relationship” with the United Kingdom and exposure of its activities to the detriment of the US is imperative.”

Image: June 3, 2019, Trump and the Queen during dinner at Buckingham Palace, getty

10/13/2018, Britain on the Leash with the United States-but at Which End?” James George Jatras, Strategic Culture

“Release of unredacted FISA warrant requests by the Justice Department, which President Trump ordered weeks ago, would shed light on a number of details.Implementation of that order was derailed after a request by–no surprise– British Prime Minister Theresa May [proving again that when it matters most we’re subjects of the Queen]. Was she [Theresa May] seeking to conceal Russian perfidy, or her own underlings’?

[Image: Ivanka Trump at State Banquet at Buckingham Palace. Monday, June 3, 2019, AP)”]

It would be bad enough if Russiagate were the sum of British meddling in American affairs with the aim of torpedoing relations with Moscow. (And to be fair, it wasn’t just the UK and Australia. Also implicated are Estonia, Israel, and Ukraine.) But there is also reason to suspect the same motive in false accusations against Russia with respect to the supposed Novichok poisonings in England has a connection to Russiagate via a business associate of Steele’s, one Pablo Miller, Sergei Skripal’s MI6 recruiter. (So if it turns out there is any Russian connection to the dossier, it could be from Skripal or another dubious expat source, not from the Russian government.) Skripal and his daughter Yulia have disappeared in British custody. Moscow flatly accuses MI6 of poisoning them as a false flag to blame it on Russia.

[Image: 5/18/2016, “Footmen carried the lengthy train of the 18ft-long Robe of the State as the Queen walked through the Royal Gallery, hand in hand with Prince Philip who was dressed in his naval uniform”]

A similar pattern can be seen with claims of chemical weapons use in Syria: “We have irrefutable evidence that the special services of a state which is in the forefront of the Russophobic campaign [which is first about enslavement of US taxpayers to the Endless War Industry–even as US is a massive state sponsor of Islamic terrorism] had a hand in the staging” of a faked chemical weapons attack in Douma in April 2018.”…

[Ed. note: Douma was proved fake per leaked OPCW report. In May 2019, a previously unpublished copy of Feb. 2019 OPCW report was made public after being leaked. It made clear that the April 2018 Douma event was staged, that cylinders had not been dropped from the air, that they’d been placed by hand on the bed and balcony.…“The cover-up of evidence that the Douma incident was staged is not merely misconduct. As the staging of the Douma incident entailed mass murder of civilians, those in OPCW who have suppressed the evidence of staging are, unwittingly or otherwise, colluding with mass murder.“…5/18/19, “CONFIRMED: Chemical Weapons Assessment Contradicting Official Syria Narrative Is Authentic,” Caitlin Johnstone, Strategic Culture]

(continuing): “Ambassador Aleksandr Yakovenko pointed to the so-called White Helmets, which is closely associated with al-Qaeda elements and considered by some their PR arm: “I am naming them because they have done things like this before. They are famous for staging attacks in Syria and they receive UK [and US] money.””…

[Ed. note: White Helmets is a glamorous terror group: “An Oscar for a Propaganda Flick,” Consortium News, 3/3/2017… Islamic terrorist leader praises White Helmets as “hidden soldiers:This March [2017], a leader of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the powerful newly rebranded al-Qaeda-led rebel coalition in Syria, hailed the White Helmets in a special video message as the “hidden soldiers of the revolution.Abu Jaber praises [terrorist] humanitarian workers, such as the White Helmets.” 3/19/17.….”Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts Of Terror Across Syria,” Mint Press News, 9/6/2017]

[Image, 5/18/15, Queen Elizabeth Speaks on Ukraine: UK monarch vows to maintain pressure on Russia over Ukraine,” You Tube, published 5/27/2015 by Ukraine Today, “Britain’s Queen Elizabeth said on Wednesday the government would pass a law paving the way for a referendum on the country’s membership of the European Union, in a speech setting out Prime Minister David Cameron’s legislative plan for the coming year. In her speech, [at 1:15] Queen Elizabeth also said the British government would continue to insist that Russia respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the observance of the ceasefire declaration agreed to in Minsk by the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany.”]

(continuing): Moscow warned for weeks before the now-postponed Syrian government offensive in [terrorist infested] Idlib that the same ruse was being prepared again with direct British intelligence involvement, even having prepared in advance a video showing victims of an attack that had not yet occurred.

The campaign to demonize Russia shifted into high gear recently with the UK, together with the US and the Netherlands, accusing Russian military intelligence of a smorgasbord of cyberattacks against the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) and other sports organizations, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the Dutch investigation into the downing of MH-17 over Ukraine, and a Swiss lab involved with the Skripal case, plus assorted election interference. In case anyone didn’t get the point, British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson declared: “This is not the actions of a great power. This is the actions of a pariah state, and we will continue working with allies to isolate them.”

To the extent that the goal of Williamson and his ilk is to ensure isolation and further threats against Russia, it’s been a smashing success. More sanctions are on the way. The UK is sending additional troops to the Arctic to counter Russian “aggression.” The US threatens to use naval power to block Russian energy exports and to strike Russian weapons disputed under a treaty governing intermediate range nuclear forces. What could possibly go wrong?

In sum, we are seeing a massive, coordinated hybrid campaign of psy-ops and political warfare conducted not by Russia but against Russia, concocted by the UK and its Deep State collaborators in the United States. But it’s not only aimed at Russia, it’s an attack on the United States by the government of a foreign country [UK] that’s supposed to be one of our closest allies, a country with which we share many venerable traditions of language, law, and culture.

But for far too long, largely for reasons of historical inertia and elite corruption, we’ve allowed that [UK] government to exercise undue influence on our global policies in a manner not conducive to our own national interests. Now that government, employing every foul deception that earned it the moniker Perfidious Albion, seeks to embroil us in a quarrel with the only country on the planet that can destroy us if things get out of control. This must stop.

A thorough reappraisal of our “special relationship” with the United Kingdom and exposure of its activities to the detriment of the US is imperative.”


Added: UK testing already lagging is now set back weeks due to kits themselves being infected with the virus. Weeks added to lockdown:

3/30/20, UK “Coronavirus testing effort hampered by kits contaminated with Covid-19,” UK Telegraph, Bill Gardner, Harry Yorke

“Traces of the virus were detected in parts due for delivery from overseas in the coming days”

“Britain’s attempt to ramp up mass coronavirus testing has been dealt a blow after key components ordered from overseas were discovered to be contaminated with coronavirus, the Telegraph can disclose.

Laboratories across the country were on Monday warned to expect a delay after traces of the virus were detected in parts due for delivery in the coming days.

It comes as ministers and public health chiefs face growing questions over why Britain’s testing capacity appears to be lagging far behind other major nations including the US and South Korea.

To accelerate production, the government has enlisted private firms to help produce thousands of kits in the hope that mass testing will be available to the public within weeks.”…

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