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NY City sent emergency alert at 5:20pm: “Extreme Threat Alert: NYC urgently seeking licensed healthcare workers. Visit to volunteer.” Emergency Alert sent to NYC cell phones, Fri., 4/3/20. Francesa: Where is US military?

April 3, 2020

At 5:20pm, Eastern time, my NY City cellphone broadcast an emergency alert tone and posted the following urgent message seeking healthcare workers to volunteer:

“Extreme Threat Alert”

“NYC urgently seeking licensed healthcare workers. Visit to volunteer.”



When the alert came in I happened to be listening to Mike Francesa’s show on, and he said he received the alert on his cell phone. He said he’s never seen an alert like this before from NY City, and his response would be the following to Pres. Trump:

Where are thousands of US military and first responders, nurses, to help with this crisis in NY City every one of which is under Trump’s command? Right now Trump can send every member of the military, every first responder to NY City for this disaster. He’s in charge of all of them, why isn’t he sending thousands of people here right now?


My comment: Mr. Trump, not one more word from you about Venezuela, Iran, or drug cartels. Immediately return all US personnel from foreign posts and assign them to NY City and other US locations that desperately need them. If you have any interest in being re-elected, you must do this. As Francesa said today, your words don’t matter. Blaming people won’t get you re-elected. Only your actions will get you re-elected.

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