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NY City hospitalizations greatly reduced and trending down, now a fraction of computer model predictions, per chart Cuomo showed-Rush Limbaugh, 4/9/20

April 10, 2020

NY City hospitalized has dropped to 18,000 and is trending down, yellow bar at bottom right of Cuomo’s chart.

Thurs., Apr 9, 2020, New York Hospitalization Models Were Way Off Too,” Rush Limbaugh

I have a chart I want you to see. This from the Governor Cuomo briefing.Brian, switch over to this chart….This is from Governor Cuomo’s briefing today. This is hospitalizations, “Change in Total Hospitalizations in New York.Would you look at that plummet on the right side! Look at the yellow bar. That’s today. That’s the far right-hand number. Look at the number of hospitalizations in what was supposed to be peak week.

[Hospitalizations chart from 4/9/20]
Now, I’ve always maintained the number of hospitalizations is a key number because hospitalizations are really serious cases, and we’ve been treated to news story after news story that hospitals are overflowing, that health care workers are beside themselves, that they are dropping like flies — and the truth is that that is anecdotal in certain places. New York has had it tough….But nationwide? It’s not a nationwide phenomenon, and even now in New York the number of hospitalizations? Look at that trend line way down….Here’s Governor Cuomo today talking about hospitalizations and the models, and he’s admitting here the models were wrong but…

CUOMO: There were a number of models that were put out that we are following. The most frightening was Columbia University that said we could have 136,000 people in New York City only who would be hospitalized. We had a second scenario from McKenzie, which is 55,000 people hospitalized. And then the Gates Foundation, 73,000 statewide. Any of these scenarios are problematic. Luckily, the current trend, if it continues, and if we continue the flattening of the curve, we’re at about 18,000 people hospitalized right now.

RUSH: Puts the chart in perspective there, 18,000 people hospitalized, but wait. Columbia University said 136,000 people. The McKenzie consulting group said 55,000. The Gates Foundation, 73,000. We’re 18,000 and trending down. And yet said Governor Cuomo…

CUOMO: One of the statisticians also said, “Look, we don’t know how effective you can be at closing things down and social distancing ’cause we’ve never done it before.” We are flattening the curve by what we’re doing, and we’re flattening the curve so far. We should all be concerned, especially New Yorkers, well, we’re flattening curve, that’s good news. It is good news. Well, now I can relax. No, you can’t relax. This is all a direct consequence to our actions. If we stop acting the way we’re acting, you will see those numbers go up.

RUSH: Right. You see, it’s all because of social distancing. It’s not because the numbers were wrong in the first place, dramatically wrong, 136,000 people hospitalized. There are stories now in the New York media of hospitals that were built that have never opened to handle the overflow, never happened. 55,000 people projected to be hospitalized, McKenzie consulting group, the Gates Foundation, 73,000. We’re at 18,000 and trending down, but that doesn’t mean we can change what we’re doing. No way. No way at all. ‘Cause if we change what we’re doing, the numbers are gonna go up. The numbers have not been right from the get-go.”

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