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Judith Curry’s Covid-19 Discussion Thread: “Interesting papers I’ve spotted over the past week”-May 19, 2020…(Like, Covid-19 fatality rate remains 1% in Senegal which continues broad use of hydroxychloroquine “despite warnings from WHO”)

May 20, 2020

May 19, 2020, “COVID-19 discussion thread VII,Judith Curry, Climate, Etc.

“Some interesting papers that I’ve spotted over the past week.

New study from S. Korea finds HCQ +AZ (or other antibiotic) significantly reduces time to viral clearance and hospital stay in moderate covid-19 patients compared to both conservative treatment and Lopinavir-ritonavir.

The #COVID19 “6-feet rule” falls apart with even a slight breeze based upon extensive simulations of coughing and airborne droplet transmissions (e.g. saliva can travel 18 feet in 5 sec w/ a bit of wind)

Wearing a mask can reduce coronavirus transmission by 75% [link]

Covid Patients Testing Positive After Recovery Aren’t Infectious, Study Shows. They’re shedding only dead virus. [link]

Why are non-white Britons more likely to die of COVID19? [link]

Comparison of France to Marseille where people are being treated with HCQ+AZ. 0.5% fatality rate compared to 21.6%

Mathematical models as public troubles in COVID-19 infection control: following the numbers [link]

The Covid-19 fatality rate remains at 1% in Senegal as the country continues to broadly use hydroxychloroquine “despite warnings from the World Health Organization.”

Why DID so many athletes fall sick in Wuhan in October? More competitors reveal they were ill at the World Military Games months before China admitted coronavirus could be passed between humans

Coronavirus did NOT come from animals in Wuhan market’: Landmark study suggests it was taken into the area by someone already infected

Malaysia has used hydroxychloroquine since the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak. The recovery rate there now exceeds 80%. The country of over 30 million people only has 1,247 active cases. [link]

UK’s coronavirus response repeats the errors of past crises [link]

Britain’s hard lesson about blind trust in scientific authorities [link

Fight over virus death toll opens grim new front in election battle [link]

Scientific integrity in the COVID response [link]

Estimating the burden of COVID in France [link]

Taiwan’s secret weapon against COVID:  An epidemiologist as Vice President [link]

The Kerala model- why this Indian state is doing so well in the COVID crisis [link]

Peter Gluckman – Reflections on the evidentiary-politics interface [link]

People or jobs, or wealth? The government has to decide which to prioritize. [link]

Why meatpacking plants have become COVID hot spots [link]

States are the laboratories of democracy [link]


The secret lives of perfect social distancers [link]

Virus pushes science and its controversies center state [link]

This pandemic shows that collaborating is better than competing, says author and theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli [link]

Are “experts” all they are cracked up to be? Expert journalist says, “no”.

Understanding COVID19 — a supernova in human history [link]

World View: It is time to adopt a ‘red team’ approach in science that integrates criticism into each step of the research process, writes @lakens. “A scientific claim is as reliable as only the most severe criticism it has been able to withstand.”

Pandemic researchers — recruit your own best critics [link]

The world doesn’t yet know enough to beat the coronavirus [link]
The radical uncertainties of coronavirus [link]
Covid-19 Science as a Contact Sport – what #Climate scientists have lived with for two decades, coronavirus researchers such as #NeilFerguson are finding out in a hurry
What was the point of offices anyway?”

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