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Dear Dor, You were synonymous with spring: excitement, hope, a whirl of activity, and plenty for all. This spring, the Suppers Community especially loves and misses you

March 21, 2021

A tribute to Dorothy Mullen

March 20, 2021

“Dear Dor,

What a year it’s been. In the year since you passed away, time seems to have stood still, yet so much has changed.

We are eagerly anticipating Spring and the new growth, new hope and new experiences that come along with it. We think of you when we prepare our gardens, make a pot of chili or soup or share information about eating for your health. We miss the flurry of activity in your kitchen and garden at this time of year.

At Suppers, we’ve been busy designing programs based on the pillars you established: How You Feel is Data®, Biological Individuality, Nutritional Harm Reduction®, Developing a Taste for Healthy Food, aligning with like-minded Medical Practitioners and Community Partners and creating a Supportive Environment of Non-Judgement.

We have solidified a new concept called “You Are Your Best Ally In Your Health,” which emphasizes the importance of providing information so people can make decisions for themselves about what they should or should not eat; we are affirming a fundamental principal that people are capable in this process.

Our Commitments to You

  • We have been running our Suppers meetings virtually – at no charge. No, it’s not the same as cooking and eating together, but there is great pleasure in being in the presence of like-minded and supportive Suppers friends – sharing information, recipes and ideas.
  • The “What’s In Your Grocery Cart?” workshop is delivered three times per month and we are continually looking for new audiences to share this practical, yet empowering information. It’s a wonderful first step in learning about the foods you choose.
  • We recently finished the first virtual Breakfast Challenge – where new people were exposed to a different way of thinking about their first meal of the day – and embracing the Breakfast Chili (or not!). As by your design, the participants had meaningful and transformational experiences – leading to a better understanding of how the foods they eat fuel their body and brain.
  • The Dorothy Mullen Speaker Series to support the Princeton Public School Teachers is in the design stages – and we promise to follow your instructions to “set clear but not neurotic guidelines for how the events should be designated.” [Image below, Princeton Board of Ed. meeting honoring Dor Mullen, July 16, 2019, Dor seated in front row with coral/peach top, via Suppers Newsletter]

  • Continuously sharing information through our Webinar Series on subjects ranging from Nutritional Strategies to Prevent Diabetes with our Chief Medical Advisor Adi Benito, Herbs in the Kitchen with Tish Streeten and Understanding the Biochemistry of Food with Professor James Martiney, and many more.

Many of the people whom you’ve attracted to Suppers continue with us and we have a lot of new interested people as well. And for that, we’re grateful. We are collaborating with Kim Rizk of Jammin’ Crepes and NOFA-NJ on their “Cooking with Your CSA” series and Kim Booker is leading us in exploring collaborative relationships within diverse communities. We will restart the search for a Home for Suppers – as we get a better understanding of the needs of Suppers in the new hybrid world of in-person and virtual offerings. Don’t worry, cooking will always be front and center.

On that note, you’d be pleased to know that many people have been doing a LOT more home cooking these days. We have fond memories of cooking and sharing information with you in your garden and in your kitchen. You made the world a better place and we are committed to continuing to build the movement to teach people how to Eat for Their Health.

When are the pea shoots coming up? We see a bowl of cauliflower and pea shoot soup in our future.

We love and miss you.

On behalf of the entire Suppers Community,

Marion Reinson, Executive Director
Fiona Capstick, RN, DE, CIHC, Board President
Herb Mertz, Board Secretary
Karen Baldino, Board Treasurer
Adi Benito, MD – Member Board of Trustees and Chief Medical Advisor
Kim Booker – Member Board of Trustees
Shipra Mitra – Member Board of Trustees
Karen Rose Tank, MS, CHC – Member Board of Trustees”

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