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US insider Zbigniew Brzezinski said NATO must be saved to prevent fatal undermining of America’s “global leadership”-Raimondo, 4/30/1999

March 2, 2022

US politician Zbigniew Brzezinski was a fan of NATO, US hegemony, and bombing the Balkans in 1999. He served in administrations of Jimmy Carter, Reagan, Bush #1, and LBJ. In 1973 he co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller.

4/30/1999, Allied Farce: A Wartime Diary, Justin Raimondo,


Outside factors have always played a decisive role in bring the Balkan cauldron to a boil. That is especially true this time around.

In the era of [US taxpayer funded] American hegemony,

what is happening in Washington, DC, the imperial capital, is at least as important to the peoples of the former Yugoslavia as what policies are being pursued in Belgrade–and, I would argue, more so….

Brzezinski…constructs thought-patterns of alarming circularity:

we must intervene to save NATO and prevent America’s “global leadership” from being fatally undermined,

but nowhere states why NATO is an end in itself,

or why we have to expand its original mission.”…

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