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850 more New York City teachers, aides fired for not complying with NY City Mayor’s vax mandate bringing total to 2000 school employees fired for not taking needle-9/17/22, NY Post

September 18, 2022

9/17/22, 850 more unvaxxed NYC teachers, aides fired for not complying with mandate, NY Post, Susan Edelman

“The city Department of Education has axed another 850 teachers and classroom aides-bringing the total to nearly 2,000 school employees fired for failure to comply with a vaccine mandate increasingly struck down in court.

About 1,300 DOE employees who took a year’s unpaid leavewith benefits–agreed to show proof of COVID vaccination

by Sept. 5 or be “deemed to have voluntarily resigned.” 

Of those staffers, 450 got a shot by the deadline and “are returning to their prior schools or work locations,” DOE officials told The Post. They include some 225 teachers and 135 paraprofessionals.

The 850 let go makes roughly 1,950 DOE staffers terminated since the vaccine

mandate took effect on Oct. 29, 2021.

Rachelle Garcia, an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn for 15 years and mother of two, worked fully in person during the pandemic and never got sick, she said.

But she refused to get vaccinated, finally taking leave after the DOE denied her requests for a religious exemption.

Rachelle Garcia
A picture of teachers protesting against COVID-19 vaccination mandates in NYC.
New York teachers protesting against the COVID-19 vaccination mandate last year. ap

“I really put my eggs in one basket, hoping and praying that at the last minute our mayor

would turn everything around in time for me to go back to work,” she said.

Mayor Adams never lifted the vaccine mandate, while other cities and states are dropping such requirements due to relaxed CDC guidelines.

[“Guidelines are suggestions. That’s it. They are recommendations made by a government entity. They are not a law passed by the Legislature, and they are not a mandate issued by Executive Order. But the problem becomes that most people do not know the difference, so when a government actor issues a “decree”, most New Yorkers snap to attention, salute, and forward march.”]

“I’m angry, I’m hurt, to be cast aside like I was nothing. Because I couldn’t give a proper goodbye to my students, other teachers told me they kept asking, ‘When is Ms. Garcia coming back?’ That made me cry so much.

A picture of people marching and protesting against NYC’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
(Around 1,950 NYC DOE staff members have been let go since the vaccine mandate took effect on Oct. 29, 2021, getty)
She is now applying for jobs on Long Island.

In all, NYC has fired more than 2,600 municipal workers not fully vaccinated, according to City Hall tallies.

But last week, a Manhattan judge ruled that an unvaccinated NYPD officer, one of the dozens terminated, can’t be fired because the city gave no explanation of why it rejected his religious exemption request.”




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