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US elites would never have stopped their taxpayer funded destruction of humanity. Pres. Putin and his supporters are humanity’s only hope. Among comments at Moon of Alabama, 9/18/22

September 19, 2022

Fair and objective trials will need to be held for all those who have heavily contributed to this elitist war against common humanity.”…(comment 2)…“This time Fascism will be called democracy”. (comment 1)

9/18/22, Ukraine Open Thread 2022-153, Moon of Alabama

“News & views related to the Ukraine conflict. Please stick to the topic.”

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Two among comments, #2 (lives in UK) and #10 (in response to #2)


We are living now in an increasingly Totalitarian political wasteland or at least, we are hurtling towards it.

Firstly, thank God for the SMO initiated by Russia,

it has seriously slowed down the velocity of this momentum.

In fact, thanks to the EU committing suicide and the USA going into a rapidly steep economic decline, I believe the NWO is now dead in the water

because the Globalist WEF Leaders in the collective West

have no care or concern about their own citizens.

Civil unrest is coming and I believe it will be serious, in huge numbers and will have an impact on Government and politics.

Although industrial levels of Censorship, Propaganda and blatant lies still pervades the international Western MSM, I think this is on the wane and will be more so when the reality of the consequences of the Sanctions imposed against Russia by the collective West. People in my social circles and workplace are now saying ‘people need to take to the streets’ in protest. These are people who wholeheartedly swallowed the Covid restrictions

and up until the last 2 weeks, believed Russia was the evil in the world.

I note now that the EC intend to remove finance to Hungary allegedly due to ‘corruption’ but we all know

it is really that they are the only country alongside Serbia that are challenging

the blatant idiots that run the EU.

UVDL is rapidly beginning to sound like a Dictator. She is drunk with power now and, imho, the nations that make up the EU need to start mounting a serious challenge to

her increasing delusions that she is going to be the NWO Global Leader.

I hope Orban stands firm, withdraws Hungary from the EU and turns towards Russia and the SCO. I hope too that Vucic ditches his desire for Serbia to join the EU.

It is a fact (the Pandora Papers) that

Ukraine is not only the most corrupt country in Europe but probably

in the World.

Ze is a Nazi President to rival Adolf in a serious way. He is seriously racist and harbours a deep hatred for Russia.

He advocates the torture and murder of Russian POWs, the collective West encourage him.

He has presided over the exhumation of bodies in Izyum that were peacefully and respectfully laid to rest

just for a photo optic propaganda opportunity,

the collective West publish the propaganda.

The UAF are now engaged in serious acts of Terrorism.

The collective West encourage and support it. Fidel Castro was right in 1997 when he said

“The next international war will be Russia against Facism

only this time Fascism will be called democracy”.

A visionary who could see what the world was becoming.

Everything points to desperation by the collective West. They know Ukraine has lost this big time so they resort to Terrorism. I believe the time has come now where, within the next 2 weeks, the RF will take off the gloves and end this dispute comprehensively. It wouldn’t surprise me if they actually took Kiev as well.

What is more shocking is the fact that the collective West has not condemned the exhumation of dead bodies which, in itself, is a monstrous act, just for propaganda purposes. Also that

EU member countries are not condemning the proposed EC suspension of funding to Hungary.

It isn’t about corruption, the EC is rife with it as is Ukraine, it is to do with

crushing any dissent to the WEF Globalist Agenda.

Amidst this desert of insanity, thank God for Putin, Xijingping, Raeisi, Modhi and other Presidents who are

forging a fairer world order,

mutually beneficial trade agreements and, above all,

the voice of reason, rationality and truth.

I think Ukraine is finished. The SMO, once Russia takes its gloves off, will conclude it comprehensively in the near future. I live in the UK. Truss? A complete and utter idiot without a vestige of competence in diplomacy, leadership or critical analysis. Sterling has collapsed alongside the dollar.

It is rapidly becoming a 3rd world country. It will be isolated internationally, even from europe, in record quick time.

The USA isn’t worth aligning to as a country.

The War Crime Tribunals are coming up and, I note that today,

the UAF hit another POW camp. Smacks of desperation

to keep people from testifying and telling the truth.

I firmly believe truth will ultimately prevail, that the decency of Russia, China and other SCO nations will win the day and that light will triumph over the current darkness. The icing on the cake for me would be the arrest of Ze and a trial at the War Crime Tribunals.

God Bless Mother Russia and Vladimir Vladimirovich. Truth and light are on your side.

Posted by: Jo Dominich | Sep 18 2022 12:30 utc | 2″


“Jo Dominic@2

Excellent overall wrap of the current situation. Yes, popular unrest in the NATOstani minion and puppet regimes is currently at a fast simmer. As economic and daily life conditions rapidly disintegrate as winter looms, even the police and military upon which those regimes maintain their power, may become unglued and join in with their civilian relatives, friends and neighbors, much like Czarist soldiers and sailors did in March of 1917.

T.S. Eliot penned some prophetic lines in his ca. 1920 poem “Wasteland”:

“The center cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the land.”

One would hope that those growingly probable popular uprisings do not take that course of total anarchy, but that

there are sane and sober voices in the crowd who have the capacity

to steer those ships of state into new and untroubled waters.

Fair and objective trials will need to be held for all those who have heavily contributed

to this elitist war

against common humanity.

Smaller fry should be treated in a manner similar to those placeholders in South Africa during the “Truth and Reconciliation” hearings. Though I do not favor the Vatican and its rites and rituals, one which would be useful in a reconstitution of reality would be confessions (not forced like that of the Bolsheviks) by the vast majority of those who merely “followed orders”. However, even minor minions who tortured and falsely imprisoned their countryfolk, should be required to pay for their “sins”.

Posted by: aristodemos | Sep 18 2022 13:08 utc | 10″



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